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Brilliant Windows/Detroit Sponge & Chamois Company

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Picnic Sponsors & Prizes



Brilliant Windows by Detroit Sponge & Chamois Company

Detroit Sponge & Chamois Company
DSC Networking Reception

Sponsors the martini lounge and food Friday Night.
Sponges for the contest.

J Racenstein & Co.
JRC Picnic Tent Sponsor
Sponsoring the 20' x 40' tent on Saturday - shade for the Picnic meal & all afternoon.
Meet Mike Draper.

Door prize drawing:
IPS Power Sprayer

Unger Enterprises
Picnic Refreshments Sponsor
(Sponsoring free bottled waters & soft drinks all afternoon at the Picnic, tap beers (cash bar) at the reception, plus coffee and water stations in meeting rooms.)

Door prize drawing:
1 10' Stingray indoor cleaning system

RHG Products Company RHG/Tucker Manufacturing
Tucker Conference Room Sponsor
(Sponsoring use of the Westlake Room for Saturday morning meetings)
Meet Mike Dieltz
See the new Tucker Carbon Fiber

Door prize drawing:
12" Tucker Hybrid Brushes

For Silent Auction
25' Tucker Carbon Fiber Pole
($900 MSRP)

Companion Tools - makers of the Ledger Companion Tools
Meet Jerry Rigdon

Door prize drawing:
12  Ledger squeegee handles

Ettore Products Company

Door prize drawing:
  14 Brass Backflip combos
2  18' 4-section Reach poles
2  24' 4-section Reach poles
2  32' 4-section Reach poles

abc Window Cleaning Supply

Door prize drawing:
2 12" Hogs Hair WaterFed Brushes with Pencil Jets
Sorbo Products Company Sorbo Products Company

Sorbo T-shirts & decals for attendees

Door prize drawing:
18" Squeegee - new Aluminum Fast Release handle

Titan Laboratories
Full size bottles of Titan products for door prizes
Glass Gleam-3, Glass Gleam-4
Cement-Off Concrete Dissolver,
Oil-Flo Safety Solvent Cleaner,
A-1 Hardwater Stain Remover and Metal Polish