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Brilliant Windows/Detroit Sponge & Chamois Company

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Brilliant Windows by Detroit Sponge & Chamois Company

Detroit Sponge & Chamois Company
Contributing Sponsor
Sponges for the contest.
Meet Mike Waroway

J Racenstein & Co.
Contributing Sponsor
Door Prize - New JRC OSHA Compliance guide
Mike Draper
RHG Products Company RHG/Tucker Manufacturing
Major Sponsor

Meet Shawn Gavin
Tucker Carbon Fiber Poles
EZ Pure Pole
Tucker Cart
Unger Enterprises
Picnic Refreshments Sponsor
(Sponsoring free bottled waters & soft drinks all afternoon at the Picnic, tap beers, wine & cash bar at the reception, plus coffee and water stations in meeting rooms.)
American Window Cleaner Magazine American Window Cleaner Magazine
Don Chute Memorial
Golf Sponsor
Meet Mike Draper
AWC Magazine samples
Sorbo Products Company Sorbo Products Company
Sorbo T-shirts & stickers
2 California Dream telescoping poles
5 Special Edition Sorbo Squeegees

18" Quicksilver (black & green) with new black aluminum Fast Release handles
Companion Tools - makers of the Ledger Companion Tools
20 Ledger squeegee handles for prizes
Ettore Products Company
Meet John Becker & Eddie Holder
See the new
Ettore Aquaclean poles