Window Cleaning Network Picnic - Weekend of July 22, 2017

Picnic Registration!
Mobile schedule
Picnic History 
Safety Green Course 
IWCA Safety Training
JRC Roof Safety
FREE network for window cleaners


Reception & AWC Golf on Friday evening!
Friday is Free! (You do need to register)

Tempered glass science seminar, demos & more Saturday AM

Safety Training courses Thursday & Friday
Safety Green Authorized User 2 day course
IWCA Hands On Safety Training Friday
JRC Roof Safety Course Friday

Demos and roundtables .
Learn about waterfed poles,
water systems & glass.
Check out work trucks.

Picnic Registration - HERE!
First attendee Saturday - $50
Additional attendees only $25.

Picnic Plans - Questions? -- Contact  Gary Mauer

Olympia Resort & Conference Center 
1350 Royale Mile Road
Oconomowoc, WI 53066