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Ledger Notes:

  •  Ledger Model CTL 9 is an excellent ergo tool. It totally eliminates the stress on the wrist and hand on the ending stroke. This over torque and stretching the muscles and nerves in the hand is one of the causatives of repetitive motion problems.
  • The Ledger is designed to be used with a pole with a wooden cone adapter. It works well with certain other poles except those with the thin plastic cones.
  • A rule of thumb concerning the size Ledger to use on a particular job, is the distance a window is set back from the face of the building and the height of the glass. A sixteen-inch Ledger will reach over an 6" ledge 20 feet up, but not a 10" ledge. But the sixteen would easily handle a 10" ledge, 8 feet up.
  • I use a sixteen inch Ledger on second story jobs with windows that are flush to the surface of the building. The Ledger provides a better dynamic pressure on the glass.
  • The Swivel Ledger is designed as an above the shoulder tool when using it on a pole. It will work moving laterally on lower windows but don't use at more than a 45 degree angle.

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