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The LedgerTM Guarantee

The Ledger is designed and manufactured to do everything we advertise.
It is so durable that we believe it will last for the rest of your professional window-washing life.
That's why we give you this no-nonsense, two-point guarantee:
FIRST, if your Ledger ever breaks for any reason, do not return it to a dealer of our factory. Instead, return it (or the pieces) directly to my office. I will get a replacement tool on its way back to you, along with reimbursement for your shipping cost. This guarantee is good for as long as you are able to wash windows.
SECOND, if your Ledger fails to live up to your expectations in any way, return it -- again, directly to my office, COD.   I would appreciate a brief explanation... but if you're too busy, too mad, or just don't want to write, forget the note. I will have a check on its way back to you within one working day for the sale price, tax, and your shipping cost. This guarantee is good for five years from date of purchase.
THAT'S IT: No questions. No hassles. No stalling.
 It's my word to you as a fellow professional.

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